Monday, January 19, 2009

Chinese New Year Candies - the madness

I've decided that it is a good idea to make some more chocolates- after the holidays for relatives back home (and even more to share with friends) . Mom is going back this week, and last week I've been busy making truffles again. It took me awhile to get ingredients together, mainly because i couldn't make up my mind on what to make. And so a "few" chocolates escalated to too much chocolate.

after 3 days and 2 long nights of goofing off in the kitchen, i've made 8! kinds! of! truffles/candies! plus! granola! for! mom! and! toffee! for my soon (enough)-to-be-father-in-law. (yep, if you end up reading this dad, i think this is one of your favorite candies)

so eat up my friends~ and have a happy Chinese new Year!

Note: whoever gets my candies please: DO NOT put in fridge and eat within 10 days, i'd say within the month, OK?

You are getting/eating:

Jasmine Tea
Kona Coffee
Earl Grey Tea
Coconut, honey and Rum
Chamomile and almond praline
Force Noire
Fleur de sal Caramel
Hazelnut Gianduja

...And here is a bastardized image so you know what you are sending to your mouth...

****Please thank Jon too. He is truly awesome! ****

Until Next Time: Turnip cake (tonight) and Babka....


  1. holy. crap. ok. when i win the lotto, you're getting your own restaurant/bakery/gourmet bus/whatever you want. i'd send you to culinary school too, but i'd feel bad when all your teachers become unemployed.
    DAA-YAM, Jeni!

  2. I agree with Tiffany-You are awesome Jeni and we will all support you with your own store.. Thanks for always sharing with us. The chocolates are amazing and I really loved those cherry carmel etc tarts at Thanksgiving. We will forever be your guinea pigs!

  3. When are you going to post a new blog?? I want new blog I want new blog I want new blog! :D