Monday, April 5, 2010

Dry Run, Mom's unofficial birthday cake

Hello. Yes, I'm back for more.

(I even made a little rose)

This weekend I made a wedding cake in its entirety and figured I should transport it an hour away to my sister's. We left the cakes out next to a big sunny window for an whole day to test the frosting and construction. The moussline butter cream held up quite well; no crusting, no gummies etc. though it has gotten a bit soft in the process. The wedding will not take more than 4-5 hours, so we are safe.

It has been a while since I baked the test cakes and I've partially forgot the texture of the cake I
was going for- so there is more tweaking needed. The cakes were great, but I wish they are not as delicate and crumbly (personal preference, really), I might run the machine a little longer or introduce a bit of regular flour for protein/gluten in the mix to build more structure. Also forgot the brush the cake each cake layer with syrup (too sleepy).

Of course, I've procrastinated until the last few days to get the components together, so I was filling and frosting till 3AM on Friday night. Yep, we know how to have a good time, we party hard..

Nic's wedding will coincide with my mom's birthday, so we pretend, for the moment, that this is mom's birthday cake.

My tubby self eating a cake-filled boba straw that was used for support.

The cakes were nonetheless delicious. the moist issue will be solved with brushing syrup and the creme anglaise and chocolate sauce that will be pooled @ the bottom of the plate.