Tuesday, December 16, 2008

About me...

Hi People- Welcome to Jeni's kitchen, *ALL* ~25 sq ft of it! This is all the space i have, for now, i suppose (I hope out next place will have a real place for my baking pans, bottles of vinegar, my stock of chocolates and ice cream maker). But this obviously did not deter me from cooking and eating.

We currently live in a cozy little condo in Oceanside, CA with Jon and Lefty (the cat). Jon is the dishwasher, recipe filer, nods his head if things tastes good, and recycles all the paper, bottles and cans involved in the process. Lefty is usually sprawled under the dining table and wonders why we are always so busy.

I am the usual inspired baker and cook that has been dreaming about food ever since my Grandma showed me how to cook noodles. My sister think I'm a little nutty but this is all i can think about, it makes me dizzy... but even still, we all stay with our day jobs.

If you are anything like me, you may even understand why i started to bake in the first place. My parents were not a big fan of spending money on processed foods (cookies). So, i had to bake my own. I tasted my first scone, muffins, cheesecake, pie... all from my mom's semi functioning oven... luckily my firsts did not fumble, so the party continues...

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